To industrial groups

• Tomato paste in bulk
• Kidney beans in bulk
• Arabica coffee

To supermarkets

• Biodegradable tableware
• Ice cream and Italian dairy products
• Frozen pizza


Promoting high quality and socially responsible products that help create a sustainable food and agricultural revolution.


Incorporation in target markets

We take care of all of the formalities that allow you to operate internationally, from incorporation to legal and office recommendations in major markets such as Asia, US and EU


We make a difference by caring for detail. Thanks to decades of experience, we will prepare your structure to obtain the various certifications requested by US, EU and international target markets


You don’t need to worry about shipments and logistic partners in foreign markets, as we can handle shipments and have partnerships in the EU, US, Russia, China, etc

Branding & Positioning

differenSe® guides you through all steps of positioning your product in new markets, from the study of your brand and packaging, to tactical marketing in order to earn shelf space in some the biggest retailers.

1,000+ Wholesale products
Some of the companies that have worked or continue to collaborate with us:
We discover
We seek out new CPG opportunities and innovations
We grow
Our team has 360-degree expertise in branding strategy, graphic and award-winning advertising & video production
We have the connections with key retailers to drive your sales.
We work closely with creators to ensure products are of the highest quality.

Whenever a treasure is found, SOGRARO will pass it on to you.
We seek some of the most prestigious Italian vineyards

•   Any producer is able to submit their wine for evaluation
•   Along with professional sommeliers and employees, each tasting panel includes consumers to ensure we stay focused on your preferences
•    All wines are tasted blind
•    The selected wine remains a secret, even to the tasters
•    The main focus will always remain value for money
•    Selections are demand-based, and tastings are held when stocks run out

We buy high quality wines at small discounts whenever there has been an overproduction

Everybody loves the best estate wines, but high prices often put them out of reach. This is where Sograro comes in :
• We source limited quantities of vintage releases from excellent Italian estates
• Each wine is carefully selected by our panel of experts
• The best of the batches are given a unique Secret bin number and made available to you at a discount

You will find some of the best Italian wines at excellent prices

Every wine is purchased in limited quantities, which vary depending on our demand and the specific producer’s stocks. We give a unique number to every edition of wine we purchase, from different producers, years, grapes, etc. Once a Segreto limited edition is sold out, the number is never repeated. So if you find something you like, be sure to stock up!


Gabriele Romano

Gabriele has worked in the food & beverage industry for over 7 years, helping sell and promote quality Italian products in 3 continents through partnerships with important retailers such as Walmart and Safeway. He has served as director of Europe sourcing at FRS Food Retail Specialists and AIID (USA), Valoroso  Food Ltd (Canada), and CREA (Italy).

Rodolfo Graziani

Rodolfo is a strategist with international experience in management consulting, marketing, founding and directing social and bottom-of-the-pyramid businesses. Notably, he has worked for Noble Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus, and kickstarted 7 companies in Madagascar.

Jerome Solamito

Jerome is a serial entrepreneur with a sophisticated knowledge of global real estate and restaurant industry. He has high-level connections in the food business internationally, and has launched an upscale mediterranean restaurant and bar in NYC among various real estate projects.

differenSe® is a growing and dynamic foodtrading, brokerage and consulting company for the food & beverage sector. With teams spread strategically in three continents and decades of combined experience in the the food broker and CPG industry, we enable clients to more effectively connect to retailers, expand into new markets, and drive extraordinary sales. A large number of successful brands already trust DifferenSe to represent them in a multitude of channels.
Getting your product placed on the shelves of the world’s greatest retailers is not easy. It requires the right combination of strong resources, strategic planning, and the dedication of a professional support team. Food & beverage manufacturers therefore need a strong distribution and retail solution. As international leaders in food marketing and retail sales representation,differenSe® provides international, multiline marketing and consulting, and strong retail connections.
Our details make a difference.
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